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Lollipop lady can continue working thanks to mystery donor

A lollipop lady whose job was under threat can continue working thanks to a mystery donor.

The money to pay for Lorraine Robinson's job in Clevedon was cut by North Somerset Council due to 'funding pressures'.

The 63-year-old vowed to continue working unpaid and also started up a JustGiving page.

The money to pay for Lorraine Robinson's job was cut due to 'funding pressures'. Credit: ITV West Country

Lorraine Robinson has been manning a crossing in Clevedon for the past three years.

The crossing serves several schools and Lorraine says it is "a very busy road - and it is very dangerous".

There was a van just before half term, he didn't stop, he went straight past and the mother only just managed to save her son so I dropped my stick and I presume it hit his windscreen, and he still carried on.

– Lorraine Robinson
The crossing Lorraine covers is used by students from several schools. Credit: ITV West Country

Lorraine was due to stop working last month, but will now continue until February half term thanks to an anonymous donor who pledged £1,500.

Whoever he was I'd like to thank him very much - otherwise I was going to do it voluntarily but I'm not allowed to because of insurance.

– Lorraine Robinson

Lorraine's job was funded by North Somerset Council until that money dried up in 2015.

Clevedon Council took it on as a goodwill gesture but that money also finished in October.

In a statement North Somerset Council said the decision to stop funding Lorraine's job was "due to funding pressures".

"We have had to make some difficult decisions with regards to cutting non-statutory services. School crossing patrols fall into this category."

As a solution, the local authority offered an option whereby crossing patrols could look for sponsorship from their local communities.

Now, thanks to the mystery donor Lorraine is able to continue patrolling the crossing.