Pensioner 'loses independence' after mobility scooter theft

Mr Panes (left) has been forced to rely on his son-in-law Len and other family. Credit: ITV West Country

A family from Bristol say they are frightened for their father's future after his mobility scooter was stolen and burnt out.

88-year-old Arthur Panes used it every day and says it gave him his independence.

He was told he had to keep it outside his sheltered housing, and last week thieves took it.

Now he fears even if he does replace the scooter, the same will happen again.

Mr Panes was told to keep his scooter outside his sheltered housing. Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Panes had recently spent thousands of pounds on a new scooter.

He used it to travel into town for shopping and running errands.

It was taken in the early hours of Saturday morning and found burnt in a nearby lane.

Mr Panes' family believe every day he spends without his independence is doing him harm.

They say they are here to help him but depending on them is taking his spirit away.

Mr Panes' scooter was found burnt in a lane near to his home. Credit: ITV West Country

Brunel Care manages the sheltered housing where Mr Panes lives.

The company's CEO Kevin Fairman has been speaking to Ellie Barker.