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Bristol school named after slave trader will not change its name

Colston's Girls' School is not the first institution to consider its ties with Edward Colston. Photo: ITV West Country

A Bristol school named after a slave trader has announced it will not change its name.

Colston's Girls' School says "it would not be appropriate to rename the school" to remove associations with Edward Colston.

The school says Credit: ITV West Country

Last month Colston's announced it would be removing references to its benefactor from the annual commemoration ceremony.

But in a statement the school has said the name will remain the same.

"We have considered this suggestion and we have listened carefully to views on both sides.

"There is no doubt that Colston’s Girls’ School exists today as an outstanding school for girls, nationally known for its academic excellence and well respected for its inclusivity and diversity - because of the financial endowment given by Edward Colston, but we see no benefit in denying the school’s financial origin and obscuring history itself.

By enabling our students to engage thoughtfully with our past, we continue to encourage them to ask questions about present-day moral values and to stand up for what they believe is right.

– Colston's Girls' School

You can read the full statement on the school's website.

Colston's will remove references to its benefactor from its commemoration ceremony. Credit: ITV West Country

Colston's Girls' School is not the first Bristol institution to consider severing ties with Edward Colston.

Earlier this year Bristol Music Trust announced that the Colston Hall music venue will be renamed.