Plymouth obesity campaigner demands tighter controls on takeaways

Stephen Beer from St Budeaux says he wants others to learn from his experience. Credit: ITV News Westcountry

An obesity campaigner from Plymouth says councils across the UK should put tighter controls on takeaways opening in certain areas of towns and cities.

Stephen Beer from St Budeaux has featured on many television programmes about the battles with his weight.

Now at 35 stone, Stephen is on a strict diet to try and get his weight down and live a more healthy lifestyle. However, he claims the easy accessibility of takeaways has contributed to his obesity.

Stephen has campaigned against new branches of certain takeaways and fast-food outlets from opening in parts of Plymouth, once chaining himself to the site of a proposed new fried chicken restaurant.

There are 23 fast-food businesses on Victoria Road near his home, almost double the number that existed five years ago.

A recent investigation by ITV's Tonight Programme revealed that the number of fast food takeaways on our streets has risen by nearly 10% in the last three years.

Stephen is concerned about the number of takeaways near his home in St Budeaux. Credit: ITV News Westcountry

Residents in St Budeaux had mixed views on whether takeaways were having a negative influence on health ...

Academics are also calling for more to be done by several parties involved in the public health debate. Clare Pettinger is a Lecturer in Public Heath at the University of Plymouth. She says that the producers of fast food, politicians and individuals all need to take more responsibility for combatting obesity.

In a statement, Plymouth City Council said: