A nine-year-old from Redruth has had his wish granted by Gary Barlow after writing him a letter.

Zachary Simmons wrote to the singer complaining about ticket touts pricing fans like him and his mum out of concerts.

Now the pair have been invited to be the star's personal guests at a gig next year.

Global superstar Gary Barlow has offered Zach a ticket to a future gig. Credit: PA

When 9-year-old Zach found out his favourite star was playing at the Eden Project in June he asked for tickets for Christmas, but his mum was not successful and the 6,500 tickets sold out in 30 minutes.

She later saw tickets which were originally £40 shoot up in price on resale sites to around £200.

He just burst into tears crying saying how he really wanted to see him and why couldn't I get the tickets. So I just said they sell out really quickly, it's a small venue and I mentioned about how people buy them to sell them for a higher price to make money and that made him angry.

Samantha Simmons, Zachary's mother
Zach and his mum missed out on tickets to the Eden Sessions. Credit: ITV West Country

Zach says he then took matters into his own hands and penned a letter.

His message was shared online and eventually reached Mr Barlow who tweeted an offer to host Zach and Samantha at a gig.

Zach says his mum could not believe the good news.

She just literally stomped to the stairs and started screaming me because I thought something was wrong so I went down, she shoved the phone to my face, I read the tweet and I started crying happy tears.

Zach wrote a letter that was shared online until it reached Gary Barlow. Credit: ITV West Country

Despite Zach's wish being granted, he has continued to try and battle ticket touting.

I want to do a petition to the Houses of Parliament but if the ticket touts still carries on I guess I'll have to write a letter to the Queen, the Prime Minister, Gary Barlow again most probably because these ticket touts have to stop because it's not fair.