Devon community burns BT effigy to protest broadband speed

Templeton's bonfire night has a different theme each year. Credit: Adam Short

A small hamlet in Devon staged a protest over the weekend in response to slow internet speeds.

People from Templeton, which is near Tiverton, burnt a cardboard cut-out of a BT Openreach van as the centrepiece to their bonfire night activities.

The hamlet's bonfire night has a different theme each year – this year it was decided to use the event to protest the lack of reliable broadband.

BT Openreach says rolling out fibre broadband in such a rural community is challenging.

Templeton is an extremely rural community which makes rolling out fibre broadband much more challenging. Templeton was not included in Openreach’s commercial roll-out of fibre broadband or the first phase of the Connecting Devon and Somerset partnership but we’re working hard to find alternative ways of bringing faster broadband to residents.

BT Openreach