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Did a firework cause a major gorse fire in Cornwall?

It's believed the gorse fire was started by a stray firework. Credit: Carrie Fisher

It appears that a stray firework started a gorse fire in St Agnes last night, 5 November.

It happened during a bonfire night display in the Cornish village. Witnesses say the firework shot into the hills surrounding the village and fire quickly took hold.

A large amount of gorse went up in flames and there were fears the fire would spread to houses nearby.

Carrie Fisher Tweeted a video of the gorse fire.

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Fire crews were called out shortly after 7pm. It is understood that they had difficulty getting to the scene because of the number of parked cars in the way.

Around 20 firefighters tackled the blaze using beaters and high pressure hose reels. They stopped it spreading to nearby buildings and the fire was out by midnight.

Dr Aaron Kay also Tweeted about the incident - he believes the fire may have been caused by the stray firework being blown off course.

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