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Boo Boo the owl that can't fly needs more help

Boo Boo was fitted with leg splints to help her walk. Photo: Talons Owl Centre
Boo boo is now six months old and is in a bit of a sorry state. Credit: Hendra Farm

An appeal has gone out to help a six-month-old eagle owl from Cornwall with a rare growth disorder.

Boo Boo, who is being cared for at Hendra Farm's Talons Centre in Looe, was given leg splints when she was a few weeks old to help her walk.

Boo Boo has taken a shine to Matt Richardson who works at Talons. Credit: Hendra Farm

It was hoped Boo Boo would be able to fly within months of receiving treatment, but the splints mean that she has now developed painful pressure sores.

Her owner is desperate to find a way to strengthen her legs so she can fly and land safely.

Boo is suffering from a very bad pressure sore, particularly on her left hock area - unfortunately this is one of the side effects of using traditional splinting methods such as thick bandaging.

We are desperate for someone to 'invent' something to help her i.e. to think outside the box, as the vet is simply running out of alternatives. We are trying to avoid surgical intervention at all costs because of the serious risks associated with it.

– Senara Collings, Owner of Talons at Hendra Farm
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A Just Giving page has been set up to help raise the money for an operation.