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Gordon Brown denounces Universal Credit scheme during Bath and Bristol visit

Gordon Brown told ITV West Country the nation suffers due to "divisions within the Conservative Party". Photo: ITV West Country

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has been demanding for the suspension of the roll out of the Government's Universal Credit scheme during a visit to Bath, as part of his book tour.

Speaking at two events, at the Christ Church in Bath and the Festival Of Ideas at the University of Bristol, Gordon Brown revealed that poverty figures in the South West are set to rise "from 1 million to 1.2 million".

He urged Chancellor Phillip Hammond to get rid of the controversial benefits scheme in his budget next week.

Mr Brown said it would cause “chaos and confusion” and would “do nothing” to alleviate poverty.

Speaking to ITV West Country about Brexit, Gordon Brown says the nation continues to "suffer" due to "divisions within the Conservative Party".

In the politician's new book called, My Life, Our Times, which was published last week, he describes life growing up in Scotland as well as his role as the country's longest-serving Chancellor.

Gordon Brown was promoting his new book, My Life, Our Times. Credit: ITV West Country

The country's longest-serving Chancellor also the country is "suffering a poverty and NHS emergency".

Today four million children are in poverty and the National Health Service is close to breaking point. By 2022, five million children will be in poverty and the NHS will be £22billion a year short of the cash it needs.

In the South West the figure for overall poverty will rise from 1,000,000 to 1,200,000.

We demand that the budget should allocate the £35million a week - £18billion a year - promised to the NHS in the European referendum and further give the NHS exactly what it needs - £22billion a year more by 2022.”

– Gordon Brown