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ITV West Country viewers donate scooters to pensioners who had theirs stolen

Brian and Arthur were given scooters following a report on ITV West Country. Photo: ITV West Country

A man who had his mobility scooter stolen and burnt has been given a new one following ITV West Country's report.

88-year-old Arthur Panes, from Bristol, used the device every day and said it gave him independence.

His friend Brian also had his scooter stolen.

Mr Panes' scooter was found burnt in a lane near to his home. Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Panes was forced to rely on his son-in-law Len and other family.

Two viewers, who wish to stay anonymous, later donated the scooters that they were no longer using to both Arthur and Brian.

ITV West Country's Ellie Barker went to see how they were getting on: