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Bath takes tighter control of student housing

Councillors in Bath have voted to cap the number of so-called Houses of Multiple Occupation that are built in the city.

New applications to convert properties into HMOs - many of which house students - will be refused if more than 10% of homes in the local area are already converted.

One student we spoke to, Huw Williams, is a final year Chemical Engineering student at Bath University. Each year he's faced the struggle of trying to find a place to live in the densely packed student city.

Huw Williams is a student at the University of Bath. Credit: ITV News West Country

First year we were on campus in halls, but I know that the university is growing and they haven't got enough student accommodation so they are having to expand into private housing. I think capping it would be a bad idea to be honest.

– Huw Williams, student

But the cap was deemed a good idea by almost 300 people who responded to a public consultation, which has now been approved by the Council.

As of now, Bath and North East Somerset will introduce tighter regulations on houses that are being converted for student use.

That would mean banning 3 converted homes next to each other.

Of the homes in Oldfield Park in Bath, around 70% - 80% is student housing, or HMOs. Credit: ITV News West Country

Councillor Bob Goodman says providing housing for students, is the universities responsibility.

Credit: bath

The University of Bath said it increased its number of student beds by more than 700 in 2014.

Meanwhile, at Bath Spa - around 23 per cent of students live in purpose built university accommodation.

Bath Spa University welcomes the change.

There are more than 23,000 people studying at Bath's universities.

With the cap now in place, there are even greater question marks over where to put them all.

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