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What's behind this week's warm temperatures?

Weather blog by West Country Weatherman Bob Crampton

It's still autumn out there - but for how long? Credit: ITV West Country

Are these temperatures for real?

A very mild airflow from the south-west is giving us temperatures well above the average for this time of year.

It should be around 8 or 9 degrees during the daytime. We are experiencing 14 or 15 Celsius.

But it won't last for long. Temperatures will slip down from Thursday onwards. In fact pretty chilly for this coming weekend.

Also a series of rain fronts coming in from the Atlantic will make it wet at times during the week.

Some days pretty unpleasant as we'll also have stronger winds. More like the Novembers we've been used to!

Chew Valley Lake looking wintry last week. Could icy conditions be on their way? Credit: ITV West Country