Gloucestershire nursery school wins healthy food award

A nursery school in Gloucestershire has become the first in the South West to be given a national award for teaching children about healthy food.

At the moment around one in five children in the region are considered obese by the time they reach primary school.

Tiggers nursery introduces its children to a 'rainbow of fruit flavours Credit: ITV West Country

At Tiggers nursery in Tetbury - the lesson that "you are what you eat" doesn't just begin in the kitchen. Children learn through play - and that healthy food is the best food.

Obesity in this day on age is very common in young children. We're trying to nip that in the bud and help provide healthy opportunities for children - lots of fruits and vegetables to explore.

LEVI STEVENS, Nursery Manager, Tiggers @ Tetbury
Credit: ITV West Country

The nursery also grows its own vegetables and even has chickens for eggs. It's planting the seeds for lifelong healthy eating.

1 in 5

Children aged 4 or 5 are overweight or obese

1 in 3

Children aged 10 or 11 are overweight or obese

Figures from Public Health England reveal that, In the South West, around 1 in 5 children in Reception class are overweight or obese. This increases to 1 in 3 children by the time they reach year 6.

Tiggers is one nursery working to combat that from the word go.

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