Businessman Duncan Bannatyne to fund disabled boy's new bedroom

Logan and his Mum Liz. Credit: ITV West Country

The parents of a disabled boy from Somerset say they're beyond grateful after business tycoon and Dragon's Den star Duncan Bannatyne offered to help them improve their home.

Seven year old Logan Chadbone from Puriton currently has to be washed in his bed or the kitchen sink - but his family hope to build him a new bedroom and wet room.

Mr Bannatyne's involvement came after Logan's father helped him during a roadside recovery a few years ago.

Logan had a stroke before he was born, it means his life is limited and he needs care 24/7.

As he and his equipment get bigger, it is more difficult to care for him at home. At the moment his bedroom is the living room.

At the moment Logan has to sleep, eat and bathe in the living room. Credit: ITV West Country

Logan's Mum Liz says,"he sleeps in here, he does all his activities in here, he bathes in here, he has his personal care attended to in here.

"So if we have anybody in the house, professionals here for meetings or friends, family, everyone gets to witness everything because there's nowhere else for them to go and we can't do his care anywhere else so it's not particularly dignified."

Logan's parents want somewhere more suitable for him. Credit: ITV West Country

The plan is to use the garage and driveway of the house to make a specially designed bedroom for Logan.

Fundraising is well underway. Thousands have already been donated online and attempts to raise awareness of Logan on Twitter caught the eye of former Dragons Den star Duncan Bannatyne.

He's been following their progress since Logan's Dad helped him with a roadside recovery a few years ago.

Business tycoon Duncan Bannatyne has offered to help. Credit: ITV News

If the family can hit their target soon - they hope for a double celebration next summer - Logan in his new bedroom by the time of his eighth birthday.