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Nearly 500 guns surrendered in Devon and Cornwall amnesty

Some of the rifles which have been handed in as part of the amnesty. Credit: ITV Westcountry

Nearly 500 illegal firearms have been handed in to Devon and Cornwall Police during a two-week amnesty across the force area.

475 have been surrendered as of yesterday evening, with the amnesty still running over the weekend until the 27th of November.

The number of weapons taken is a slight increase on the 446 handed in during the last official amnesty in 2014.

The amnesty bins are located across 10 manned police stations across the Devon and Cornwall force area.

Locations of the amnesty bins at 10 manned police stations across Devon and Cornwall (two are in Plymouth). Credit: ITV Westcountry

However, members of the public can still surrender illegal and dangerous weapons outside of the amnesty period anonymously and without fear of prosecution, but handing them in at a manned police station.

Michelle Mounsey, Alliance Firearms and Explosives Licensing Manager at Devon and Cornwall Police, explains to our reporter Nick Smith, what type of weapons are normally handed in...

Broadly speaking, the current terms of the Firearms Actprohibit ownership of almost all handguns. Some shotguns and hunting rifles can be legally owned through obtaining a firearms license.

Guns and other dangerous weapons have been left in amnesty bins at manned police stations. Credit: ITV Westcountry