Bath Rugby plans to redevelop stadium

Bath Rugby has outlined its new plans to redevelop its stadium. Credit: PA

Bath Rugby has outlined its new plans to redevelop its stadium The Rec, or Recreation Ground.

The stadium is actually leased from a trust called the Recreation Ground Trust.

Bath Rugby are hoping to increase the stadium's capacity and renovate both the north terrace and the west stand.

The lease between the club and the trust is a complex one, and means that the ground must be used for more than simply rugby matches.

The club has also faced opposition to its proposals because the ground is right next to Pulteney Bridge, a Grade-I listed structure.

The club is hoping to increase the ground's capacity by 3,000, up to 18,000 spectators.

The Rec has been the home of Bath Rugby since 1894.

The challenge is to use the development of a new stadium as a catalyst for creating a destination which revitalises the riverside, which benefits and enhances the community, which encourages sporting participation, which co-habits respectfully with near neighbours and which complements the city and its architecture.

Bath Rugby Chief Executive Tarquin McDonald