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Man 'dead' for 68 minutes reunited with crew who brought him back to life

A man who was dead for 68 minutes after his heart stopped has been reunited with the Great Western Air Ambulance Crew who brought him back to life.

The medics used a defibrillator 12 times on Chris Hickey, who's from Cheltenham, in a bid to shock his heart into working.

He says he owes his life to the doctors, but also his wife who started CPR straightaway after he collapsed.

I feel's unbelievable to think I'm still here. No white lights., no visions, Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy didn't come and see me, I was on my own, the lights were out, I was gone I was dead.

– Chris Hickey, Heart patient
The 63 year old had a sudden heart attack. Credit: ITV West Country

Chris and his wife Sue can now hear his story of survival from the other side.

From the Air Ambulance medics who arrived 40 minutes after he collapsed.

The Air Ambulance medics arrived 40 minutes are he collapsed. Credit: ITV West Country

It's incredibly rare for someone to...effectively be dead for 60 minutes with their heart stopped. And then go on to make a pretty much full recovery.

Most patients who have their heart stopped for that length of time don't survive, and I think the reason Chris did survive is because his wife started chest compressions straightaway and called 999 straight away.

– Dr Ed Valentine, Critical Care Doctor, Great Western Air Ambulance

Chris spent two days in a induced coma before he started to come round himself. Despite being medically dead for 68 minutes, he has made a full recovery.

Better still for Chris, flying in a helicopter was on his bucket list. One to now cross off - even if he can't remember it.

The medics used a defibrillator 12 times on Chris Hickey. Credit: ITV West Country