Over 800 bikers took to the streets of Bristol on Saturday 2nd December, dressed as Santa Clauses.

They rode from Cribbs Causeway to the Children's Hospice South West in Charlton Farm.

They are hoping to have raised £10,000 for the centre, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The hospice provides respite care to many children, offering 14 nights a year where they can eat, sleep and play at the grounds.

7-year-old Logan has spent the weekend at the hospice with his family.

Logan is blind, has epilepsy and cerebral palsy and has been receiving respite care at the centre for a few nights a year since he was 6 months old.

His mother, Liz, says the hospice's services are vital.

The work they do with these children, all of them, at every stage is absolutely incredible. We wouldn't be int he position we are today if we didn't have their support and the level of care that we get."

Liz Crook

The centre holds a special place in the hearts of this family - consisting of Liz and her partner Andrew Chadbone, and kids Tabitha and Jude.

That's why Andrew has decided to join the 'Santas on a Bike' ride.

Andrew Chadbone partook in the ride for the first time this year. Credit: ITV West Country

Along with all the cheers the Santas received along the way, are words of gratitude from those who work at the hospice.

It costs three million pounds a year to run Charlton Farm alone. Knowing that this event will hopefully raise ten thousand pounds this year for our tenth birthday, allows us to plan and know for the future. All we can do is say thank you to all of the bikers."

Kylie Gallagher, CHSW Community Fundraiser
The bikers hope to raise £10,000 for Children's Hospice South West. Credit: ITV West Country

'Santas on a Bike' organiser, Oli Allen, says everyone has been more than generous for the event's sixth year running.

It's amazing, to see the support we get. I can't believe how generous people are, not just the people here riding the bikes, but the volunteers, the marshalls on the routes, people making homemade cakes and teas and coffees to keep us all hydrated, it blows me away every year."

Oli Allen, Santas on a bike organiser

They have counted £7,500 in donations so far. Anyone can still give at the 'Santas on a Bike' website.

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