Ottery St Mary residents replace 'worst Christmas tree in Devon'

The tree in Ottery St Mary has been replaced by local residents. Credit: James Trevett

Residents of a Devon town have replaced their Christmas tree after it was dubbed "The worst tree in Devon".

The tree in Ottery St Mary attracted comments on the town's Facebook page after the annual Christmas lights event on Friday.

The tree attracted negative comments on the town's Facebook page. Credit: James Trevett

One resident commented "A lot of people thought it was last year's tree."

Local businessman James Trevett donated a new tree which was put up over the weekend and now stands proudly outside the Ottery library.

The new tree has a more traditional look. Credit: James Trevett

Mr Trevett says Ottery "is known for great things like the tar barrels so we couldn’t have them claiming the worst tree award!"

"I quickly offered to donate a tree and this morning a group of locals got together and replaced it... making it look like Santa’s helpers had come to the rescue!"

Mr Trevett thanked volunteers who helped to set up the new Christmas centrepiece and says he hopes a positive response can come from the event.

James Trevett thanked local residents on Facebook. Credit: Facebook