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Supermoon 2017: your pictures

The moon's elliptical orbit means it is sometimes closer to the Earth. Credit: Melanie Clarke

A supermoon brightened skies across the South West last night as it moved closer to Earth, appearing larger and brighter than normal.

The moon orbits the Earth in an oval shape, meaning sometimes it is closer to the Earth and at other times it is farther.

This affects its appearance in the sky.

The moonlight shone across the water in Weymouth. Credit: Vera Brodrick
The moon was still visibly shining in East Portlemouth this morning. Credit: Lindy Lou
Many people across the South West captured close-ups of the stunning moon. Credit: Sally Gilroy
The moon last night appeared around 14% brighter than normal. Credit: Lucy Cooper
Many people captured spooky pictures of the supermoon. Credit: Thomas Howdle