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Former head of Royal Navy seriously worried about possible cuts in Plymouth

Devonport-based HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion could be axed under Government cutbacks. Credit: ITV West Country

A former head of the Royal Navy has told ITV News he's seriously worried about the impact of possible cuts in Plymouth.

It follows speculation that the Devonport-based amphibious ships HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion could be axed under cutbacks being considered by the Government.

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band says the fleet is integral to the navy's capability.

The former First Sea Lord says the level of cuts to naval forces is "a really really serious issue".

There has been strong opposition from Plymouth MPs and members of the armed forces towards any possible cuts.

HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion have a combined 26 years of service.

The amphibious warships are used to land and support ground forces, primarily Royal Marines, on enemy territory.