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Bristol Rovers among firms named and shamed for underpaying staff


Bristol Rovers is among 260 firms in the UK named and shamed for failing to pay the minimum wage.

The report by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said the football club failed to pay £1,651 to 52 workers.

They were one of 30 South West companies that didn't pay staff the legal minimum wage.

They included a number of hotels - including the Bedruthan Hotel which failed to pay £14,215 to 22 workers. Also the New Ocean Hotel in North Somerset which failed to pay £5,206 to 11 workers, and the Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe, Wiltshire which failed to pay £4,613 to 9 workers.

Torquay United was also named on the list - the football club failed to pay £276 to two workers. The club says the problem was put right as soon as it came to light.

The most common reasons for firms underpaying staff were failing to pay workers when they were travelling between jobs, not paying overtime and deducting money from staff pay for uniforms.

"Today’s list should put the frighteners on rogue employers across the country. Pay your staff properly or face hefty fines and get shamed in the papers. The current minimum wage barely covers a workers’ basic household expenses, so to pay less than this is appalling."

“The list highlights how hairdressers, cleaners, hotel staff and car washers are more likely to be exploited by minimum wage dodging bosses. But it’s also shocking to see football clubs like Bristol Rovers, and large retail stores such as Primark in the mix, companies who can certainly afford to pay proper wages."

– Nigel Costley, TUC South West