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Exeter man sued by doctor who killed his father

David Gray died after being given ten times the normal dose of diamorphine Photo:

An Exeter man being sued by a Nigerian doctor will learn today if he has to pay him substantial damages.

Met Office scientist Rory Gray is facing a civil case in Germany after confronting doctor Daniel Ubani - his father David's killer - and calling him an 'animal'.

Dr Ubani filed for damages after being called "an animal" by David Gray's son

Ubani was working his first locum shift in the UK when he treated David in February 2008. He had flown into the UK the day before his 12-hour shift and had only had a few hours' sleep.

David Gray, who was 70, died after Ubani administered a lethal dose of diamorphine.

Rory confronted Ubani after his father's death and publicly insulted him - which resulted in Ubani filing for damages.

He and his brother Stuart approached Ubani at a cosmetic surgery conference in Germany and called him a 'charlatan', a 'killer' and an 'animal'.

Doctor Ubani filed for damages in relation to the incident and the proceedings. It was proposed that Rory should pay 75 per cent of the case's legal costs and asked him to write to Ubani promising never to call him an animal again.

A final ruling will be held in Bavaria later today.