Happy Birthday Touni! Bristol Zoo throws a party for its gorilla family

This is Touni's first birthday as a mother. Credit: Bristol Zoo

On of Bristol Zoo's most celebrated residents turns 10 today.

Touni the gorilla first arrived at the zoo from France two years ago and gave birth to baby Ayana earlier this year.

She is a really good mum. She’s quite protective and she doesn’t let Ayana go off too far on her own.

Sarah Gedman, Bristol Zoo

Staff are giving the family coconuts as a treat.

Jock and adult female gorillas break open the coconuts with their teeth, the younger ones smash them against hard surfaces. They all like the water in coconuts, it’s an enriching challenge for them and coconuts are similar to the tough skinned fruits gorillas would find in the wild.

Sarah Gedman, Bristol Zoo
Credit: Bristol Zoo

The gorillas are an important part of the zoo's conservation work.

Every birthday deserves a round of applause... Credit: Bristol Zoo