The MP for Totnes says she's proud to have voted for a change to the EU withdrawal bill that allows MPs to have a meaningful vote on the final Brexit Deal.

Sarah Wollaston is one of 11 Conservative rebels who voted for the amendment which was narrowly passed last night.

There's a very important constitutional point at stake, and that was that the Government could use secondary legislation to bypass a very clear promise to parliament that we would have a meaningful vote on the final deal.

Sarah Wollaston MP

The Conservative MP also defended herself against today's Daily Mail front page headline which branded the rebels as 'self-consumed malcontents'.

You could say 'Well, why have a fight about something like this?'. But actually, constitutional principles are really important, and some of us voted for that reason. This was not a vote to stop Brexit, however much the Daily Mail scream that that's our purpose. I've accepted the result of the referendum, I've always said that.

Sarah Wollaston MP