The RSPCA had to call in the fire brigade to rescue a cat that got trapped in under the floorboards of a house in Royal Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire

The RSPCA was called out to a house just off the town's High Street on Sunday 10 December after the owner spotted a cat dash under the shower tray in her bathroom.

She tried to entice him out with food but two days later, the moggy was still stuck and the fire service was called in.

You can just spot Stelly's tail as firefighters worked to free him. Credit: RSPCA

The only way to reach him was going to be by cutting a hole in the kitchen ceiling and reaching him from below. I called the fire service to see if they were able to help. With the home owner’s blessing they were able to cut a small hole in the ceiling and reached up to get the cat.

Inspector Stephanie Daly, RSPCA

The team eventually managed to free the elusive feline. He was reunited with his grateful owner, thanks to the story ending up on Facebook.

Laina Stephens had hand-reared the cat, called Stelly, from a kitten and was starting to fear the worst.

When my mother-in-law spotted the story on Facebook, I was on the phone straight away and I was chuffed that it was him. It is fantastic to have him home.

Laina Stephens, Stelly's owner
Stelly looking no worse for his ordeal. Credit: RSPCA