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A very deer guest: baby fawn camping out in rescuer's spare room

A baby deer will be spending Christmas in the spare bedroom of a home in Swindon.

Newbie the fawn was rescued after she was hit by a car, and while she didn't suffer any serious injuries, she couldn't fend for herself.

Saying hello to our camera.... Credit: ITV News

The Oak and Furrows Rescue Centre was called in to help.

Because the tiny creature was so young, animal carer Emma Hickey moved her into her spare room so she could bottle feed her around the clock.

Emma has converted the bedroom into a deer den, with freshly cut branches every day.

The spare room has been converted into a deer den. Credit: ITV News

When I first had her she was only a week old and needed constant care, constant attention, a bit like a baby really.

At the centre we choose one person to look after the deer, because they do have to go back into the wild eventually and we don't want them to become tame.

– Emma Hickey, Oak and Furrows Rescue Centre
The deer is handled as little as possible. Credit: ITV News

Newbie is now doing well.

Feeding is the only time she is handled, so its hoped she will be able to be released back into the wild sometime after Christmas.