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Bristol hospital has highest staff parking charge in the country

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Bristol hospitals are charging staff an 'outrageous' amount of money to park their car at work, according to a report by the GMB Union.

The Union says it asked every acute, foundation and mental health trust how much they charged for staff car parking.

Out of 131 trusts that responded – 92 charged their staff for parking at work.

The highest charge was University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust which charged up to £1,300 a year for staff parking.

According to GMB even parking for the trust’s lowest-paid staff was £1,022 a year – or £83 a month.

It's an outrage that NHS workers are being forced to fork out many hundreds of pounds a year just to park at work.

Our members in public services have already had thousands pinched from their pay by the Tories over the last seven years and these unfair charges add insult to injury. Simply put - these charges are grossly unfair and must be scrapped.

– Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary

The hospital trust responded by saying there's limited parking in Bristol city centre which makes it difficult to provide parking for staff.

They encourage staff to travel to work without using cars and say they provide a free bus service from the train station.

In a statement the hospital trust told ITV they provide:

  • Free parking for staff who are disabled or who need to park due to health reasons
  • Free onsite parking for staff who need their cars for NHS work 80% of the time when they use their cars for work
  • Free onsite car parking for staff who work out of hours

For everyone else the charges are on a sliding scale based on salary.

A spokesperson added "the Trust significantly subsidises the cost of offsite car parking for those that are required to park in local commercial car parks so that all staff who are required to pay, irrespective of where they park, are charged the same fee.”