Bones possibly from first ever turkey dinner in 1500s found in Exeter

The remains date back to the 1500s. Credit: ITV West Country

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter hosts numerous fscinating artefacts, which are hidden from public view.

One of such artefacts that they have dug out in time for Christmas are the bones that could be the remains of the first ever turkey dinner in England.

They were found in Paul Street, Exeter and date all the way back to between 1520 and 1550.

However, in theory, they were only introduced in Britain in 1524 or 1526 by a guy called William Strickland, who brought some back into Bristol and sold them for tuppence each.

  • Watch as ITV West Country reporter, Bob Cruwys, speaks to Professor Alan Outram from the University of Exeter and Thomas Cadbury, Assistant Curator at the museum, to find out more: