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Bristol Airport returning to normal service after 'Frantic Friday' chaos

The runway was closed until late Friday night. Photo: ITV West Country

Bristol Airport is back up and running after a runway was closed for around 12 hours on the Friday before Christmas.

A plane came off the runway while taxiing causing major disruption to people trying to get away and arrive for the holidays.

The airport says things are returning to normal today but some disruption should be expected.

As of 9am two flights have been cancelled:

  • EZY 421 to Edinburgh
  • EZY 6291 to Lyon

Some delays have also been experienced and customers travelling today are advised to contact their airline directly for accurate information.

The departures board yesterday shows the chaos caused. Credit: ITV West Country

The plane came off the runway while taxiing to the terminal after landing.

The inbound flight, flight number BM1822 from Frankfurt, landed at 11.36 on Friday morning.

None of the 25 people on board the plane were hurt and they were returned to the terminal by coach.

The cause has not yet been confirmed but the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch sent a team to Bristol Airport to investigate the "aircraft incident".

An spokesperson for the airport told ITV News that the runway could only reopen once the investigators were happy it was safe and that took much longer than airport bosses were expecting.

Bristol Airport said, "while it is too early to speculate" about the cause of the incident, they are "confident that it was not related to the low visibility conditions currently being experienced".