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Dumped and left to die: the Husky hanging on to life

Ted when he was first brought in to the animal sanctuary. Photo: ITV News

Barely able to stand, starved, neglected and filthy, Ted was discovered collapsed in a Bristol park.

Ted weighed just 11kg when he was brought in for care. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

The Collie Husky mix was severely malnourished and weighed just 11kg when he was found. A passerby spotted him and he was brought to the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary where is making a steady recovery,

Ted was suffering from muscle wastage and was very weak. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Sarah Schranz is looking after Ted now and says this is one of the worst cases of neglect and animal cruelty she has ever seen.

Staff at the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, where Ted is receiving veterinary care and lots of love, believe he was locked away with no access to food.

Staff were reduced to tears when they saw the condition Ted was in. Credit: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

While Ted is making progress, it is still not clear who is responsible for neglecting him. Meanwhile, more than £2,500 has been raised to help pay for his care.

Ted's carers say he is lucky to be alive. Credit: ITV News

Ted might be on the road to being fighting fit again, but now he needs a loving home. The next step is finding him a forever family.