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Bath could change parking system to discourage commuters

Credit: ITV West Country

Bath could change its parking system to make it more expensive for commuters and encourage them to use public transport.

Bath and North East Somerset Council has set up a working group to discuss the proposal. The group met earlier this week.

Supporters of the proposals say "No city in the world has considered city wide parking zones" before this point.

New 'Healthy Street Zones' would be applied across the whole city. Credit: Adam Reynolds

Under the new system, the current Resident Parking Zones would remain and new 'Healthy Street Zones' would be applied across the whole city.

Residents who pay Council Tax would be given up to two free permits for the zone they live in.

Commuters would need to purchase an all-zone permit which is more expensive than a monthly bus travel card. These permits would be issued free of charge to 'key workers' such as NHS staff working shift work.

cost of a monthly bus travel card.
cost of a permit for all zones under the proposed system.
The proposal aims to significantly reduce the amount of traffic in the city. Credit: ITV West Country

Supporters of the system say it would raise funding to improve public transport and reduce the number of cars in the city.

people commute by car to the city daily (Census 2011)

The proposed Healthy Street Zones can be seen below:

The proposed 'Healthy Street Zones' take into account existing parking zones. Credit: Adam Reynolds