Bristol City Council considering alternative location for arena

Marvin Rees says he remains committed to the 12,000-seater stadium. Credit: Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council is considering a new location for its much-delayed 'Bristol Arena' project.

Work at the current Temple Quarter site was paused in November whilst a 'value for money' review was carried out.

Now the Council is to decide between resuming work at the original site or moving the project to the Brabazon Air Hangar in Filton.

Work at the current Temple Quarter site was paused in November. Credit: ITV West Country

Mayor Marvin Rees said “Not enough work was done on options in the first place" and now both schemes will be fully considered before a final decision is made.

The Brabazon hangar is currently owned by a Malaysian conglomerate.

Mr Rees added that the Council must "fully evaluate this new proposal and the associated infrastructure costs".

"We have already gone a long way down the road with the Temple Quarter project and the council needs to be confident that it can make a like-for-like comparison when informing final proposals and taking a decision."

The Brabazon Hangar is owned by a Malaysian firm. Credit: ITV West Country

According to Mr Rees, the Council's cabinet will be "updated" on the project in April.