Dog walker finds human skull

A dog walker has come across an unexpected find whilst out in Somerset.

Roger Evans found a 'well-preserved' human skull whilst walking along the banks of the River Sowy.

He reported his findings to the police and it was analysed. After months of research, results revealed it belonged to a woman aged 45 or older during the late Iron Age (380-190BC) - several centuries before the first Roman invasion of Britain.

Analysis by a human bone expert showed that the female skull suffered considerably from gum disease and tooth loss.

Her diet included coarse material, which had unevenly worn her remaining teeth, and resulted in severe osteoarthritis in the joint of her right jaw. She had also suffered at least one episode of chronic illness or nutritional stress during childhood.

The woman's head also appears to have been deliberately removed at, or shortly after death. Archeologists say such discoveries are becoming more common.