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Stray cat sneaks into family home and gets stuck inside sofa

A family from Bristol were alarmed when they found a stray cat wedged inside their reclining sofa.

The cat - who the family had been feeding at the time - had wandered into their home on Gosforth Road and hid under the sofa.

But when the children reclined the chair with the pet unknowingly beneath them, her tail got trapped in the mechanism.

The sofa was electric, when the family reclined in the chairs - they were unaware of the cat hidden beneath them. Credit: RSPCA

The tail was obviously resting on the mechanism and, as the spindle started rotating, the fur became trapped. I initially thought the whole tail was caught but, thankfully, it was just the fur.

The poor puss was obviously quite distressed so we wanted to get her out as quickly and carefully as possible.

– RSPCA inspector, Simon Coombs

Luckily the homeowner had the right tools and set about dismantling the sofa while the RSPCA officer helped keep hold of the cat and keep her calm.

They were able to free her and she was absolutely fine, if a little shaken up.

Credit: RSPCA

It’s not the first time an animal has ended up in a tight spot thanks to a reclining chair.

RSPCA officers and a crew from Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service were called to a home in Salford in 2015 after a dog called Cagney got herself stuck in an electric reclining chair.

Thankfully, firefighters used their specialist equipment to cut him free.

Credit: RSPCA