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Your super moon pictures

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! Credit: Issy Corby

People across the region were treated to a spectacular natural show last night with the appearance of a 'super moon'.

As well as being a super moon (when the moon is close to Earth, making it appear larger and brighter), last night also saw a 'blue moon' (the second full moon in a calendar month) and a 'blood moon' (when the moon appears red).

It was the first time all three of the rare lunar events have coincided since 1866.

Thank you to everyone who sent their pictures of the super moon to us!

Here is a selection of your photos:

The phenomenon turned otherwise normal scenery into the spectacular. Credit: John Medwyn Jones
A glowing orb was visible in Minehead. Credit: Sue Edwards
Irene from Warminster captured the craters of the moon. Credit: Irene Fountain
This close-up was captured in Newquay. Credit: Adam Scullion
Exeter Cathedral stands proudly in front of the phenomenon. Credit: Issy Corby
Richard from Bath caught a clear image of the super moon. Credit: Richard Greenberry
The moon could be seen turning red in Stroud. Credit: Kate Williams-Brown
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