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Lucky escape for tawny owl hit by car

A tawny owl has had a lucky escape after being hit by a vehicle on a road near Wells.

She suffered head trauma. Following the accident, the female owl was found standing by the side of the road, where a member of the public stopped and picked her up.

Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

She's now being cared for by a Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

Still in a state of shock, the owl has been put in a warm incubator to recover.

Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Her body weight is very good so the aim is to get her back to her home once she has recovered, as staff say she is probably ready to start nesting.

Many birds suffer concussion, especially small birds that fly into windows.

Kept warm and quiet they often will recover. However a glancing blow from a vehicle is another thing so she is luckily not to have been more seriously injured.

Had she been left on the road she could have easily been run over so we are very grateful to the caring person who took her to the vet and gave her a second chance.

– Marie Densten, Animal Carer at Secret World