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Coby Simons' parents make plea to Ed Sheeran following the death of their son

Credit: Family

The family of nine year old Devon schoolboy Coby Simons, who died after being diagnosed with type B Flu, have reached out to singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran was one of Coby's favourite singers after he was given the Divide CD for Christmas by his grandmother.

Ed Sheeran was one of Coby's favourite artists. Credit: PA

Coby and his mother Louise had listened to Sheeran's album non-stop in the car and after his death the family realised how pertinent the song 'Supermarket Flowers' was.

The song was written about Ed Sheeran's grandmother and Louise has slightly rewritten the lyrics to tell Coby's story.

The family would love the song, or their own version of it to be played at Coby's funeral and have called on Ed to give them permission.

We know he would love it - he would be so proud. He'd be like "Mum look, Ed Sheeran's singing about me!"

– Louise Simons

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Coby died within hours of being admitted to hospital and just a couple of days after becoming ill.

An investigation is underway to find out the cause of his death.

A post mortem found that he had the B strain of flu and pneumonia, but further tests are being carried out. His funeral is on 23rd February.