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The woman who was reburied 200 years on

Elizabeth Cookworthy is laid to rest in Plymouth for the second time. Credit: ITV West Country

The funeral of a woman who died nearly 200 years ago has been held in Plymouth.

The body of Elizabeth Cookworthy, who was 70, has now been placed at Efford Cemetery.

Her remains date back to 1833 and were discovered during the demolition of Bretonside bus station in 2017.

Mrs Cookworthy's remains were discovered during the demolition of Bretonside bus station. Credit: ITV West Country

The site was originally a cemetery which was thought to have been cleared during building works in the 1950s. Mrs Cookworthy was one of two people who were buried much deeper than the others and their bodies were found during the more extensive works.

Mrs Cookworthy came from a prominent Quaker family and has now been reunited with the rest of the community.

The Quaker society wanted to reinter Elizabeth into the Quaker section here at Efford, she's just in front of the section where the other remains from Bretonside, the Treble Street cemetery were interred in 1953.

– John Ware, Walter C Parson Funeral Directors
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