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Paignton Zoo gives lioness contraceptive implant

Credit: ITV West Country

A lioness at Paignton Zoo has had to be given a contraceptive implant as staff control breeding after an outbreak of bovine TB last year.

Five year old Maliya and her partner are said to be one of the most important breeding pairs of Asiatic Lions in Europe.

Bovine TB was discovered in antelope that died last May. The rest of the herd had to be destroyed.

There is no evidence that any other animals at the zoo have been affected.

It is thought the disease may have been carried into the zoo by a badger.

Whilst Paignton says it has no intention of culling badgers, staff will now try to ensure they cannot dig their way into enclosures.

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Maliya's cubs Yali and Arya will remain at the zoo as representatives of their endangered species.