A man has been jailed for a total of five and a half years for burglary and car crime.

Anthony Whelan, 50, of Liverpool, was sentenced on Friday 9 February in Bristol Crown Court following his conviction for offences in Bath and Portishead.

A jury had previously found him guilty of:

  • a burglary in Bath in January 2017 in which high-value jewellery was stolen

  • a burglary in Portishead in March 2017 in which high-value jewellery was stolen

  • theft of two vehicles in March 2017.

Whelan was arrested in Cheshire on Sunday 30 July 2017 after being circulated as wanted.

He had been identified as a suspect through forensic investigation and when an investigator recognised him on CCTV.

None of the stolen jewellery – with a total estimated value of more than £150,000 – has been recovered.

In a personal statement about the impact of the burglary, one of the victims described many months spent getting their lives “back on track” and how their insurance recouped less than half the value of the stolen jewellery.

They had further significant expenses after being required to travel to China and Hong Kong to replace personal documents.

On top of the financial impact of the break-in, they explained that it had left them “emotionally distraught” and feeling unsafe.

Much of the stolen jewellery was unique and irreplaceable, with great sentimental value as it was bought for their wedding.