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Snowdrops still a sight to behold in Gloucestershire

The incredible sight of five million snowdrops in flower at the Rococo Garden in Painswick. Credit: ITV West Country

The recent cold weather has been good news for the snowdrop population at Painswick's Rococo Garden in Gloucestershire.

The display of tiny flowers is likely to be looking good right up until the end of February. The little blooms contain a kind of natural antifreeze which means that in very chilly temperatures they go into temporary hibernation until it warms up again.

It's been a bit colder here, and for us, particularly, the snowdrops have been a little bit slower, going over, so it was a little bit late starting, and they will be at their best for a little bit longer, because the cold has literally stopped them in their tracks.

– Dominic Hamilton, Garden Director
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Staff estimate there are around five million of the tiny white blooms across the site and the main Snowdrop Grove attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The Rococo Garden has 15 varieties of snowdrops, with the most famous being Galanthus Atkinsii, which it describes as a particularly tall and handsome example. It was discovered at the site in the 1800s by James Atkins, who lived in one of the estate cottages. While it may be good looking, people generally come to see the beauty of the display as a whole.

A few purple crocuses break up the sea of white in Gloucestershire. Credit: ITV West Country