Centuries old cottage collapses after earthquake

A 300-year-old cottage in Devon has collapsed just minutes after the largest earthquake to hit Britain in a decade.

Robert Crowley was with his dog in the back garden of the home in Bow at the time. The moment the property fell apart was captured on CCTV.

The British Geological Survey says the quake was recorded at 2.20pm on Saturday 17 February and the house, 185 miles from the epicentr in Swansea fell apart at 2.26pm.

The moment the cottage collapsed was caught on camera. Credit: CCTV

Structural engineers had been called out the week before to investigate a crack in the wall. They said it was safe but needed shoring up.

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Now Mr Crowley is sleeping in the kitchen and faced with a huge repair bill - financial worries meant that his insurance payment lapsed.

Robert Crowley and his dog Jackie are having to live in the kitchen. Credit: ITV West Country