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Patient left with temporary hip says he feels abandoned by the NHS

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A 63-year-old man from Cornwall says he feels abandoned by the NHS after being left with 'a temporary hip' which is causing him constant pain.

Colin Durston has already had three hip operations, but was due an operation for a permanent replacement before Christmas.

However, following the winter crisis, hundreds of non-urgent operations were cancelled and he has been left barely able to walk at his home in Saint Teath.

The Royal Cornwall Hospital has apologised for the delays and says it has been under tremendous pressure this winter and is reviewing his case.

Colin is still full of praise for the care he has received in hospital, but he fears the delays could cause complications down the line.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to provide as much planned surgical treatment as we would want over the winter months due to the growing demand for hospital beds on our Truro site. We are reviewing Mr Durston's care and will offer a surgery appointment as soon as possible.

– Royal Cornwal Hospitals NHS Trust