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Is laughter the answer to office stress?

Well they say laughter is the best medicine Credit: ITV West Country

Yoga is normally associated with being calm and quiet but a rather noisy form where people laugh away their stresses is taking off in Cornwall.

Forget lunges and lotus positions, this is more about belly laughs.

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Staff at an accountants in Penryn have been getting a taste of laughter yoga.

The idea to snigger away their stresses.

Exercises include throwing pretend milkshakes...driving around in pretend cars and some kind of hokey cokey.

The theory is that laughter is good for wellbeing and boosting morale.

The concept of working with companies is it gets your staff motivated and it gets them enlivened for the week and also what it can do is when you can face challenges in your workplace perhaps with a customer or with clients or with each other then you can approach them differently, you can approach them with laughter, I'm not saying laugh at customers.

– Emma Graham, Yoga instructor

The boss says holding the workshop was worthwhile.

We thought well why not and I think we all hung back a little bit and thought oh my goodness this is going to be really cringy and it was but being out of your comfort zone is quite important and we laughed and laughed and laughed and it was really good for all of us I thought.'

– Mike Hutchinson, Business owner

According to the Cornwall Laughter Clubs, laughter....

  • Is great exercise for the diaphragm, facial and abdominal muscles
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Increases endorphin release, your natural feel-good chemicals
  • Refreshes oxygen, which aids blood flow to body and brain
  • Boosts your immune system and is a natural painkiller
  • Improves our connections with others
  • Enhances and improves mood and creativity... and much more!

There are already monthly laughter clubs in Wadebridge and Falmouth and the classes are such a success that they could be launched across the Duchy.

It is clear Emma Graham plans to get the whole of Cornwall laughing.

Find out about events in the area on the Cornwall Laughter Clubs [Facebook page.](

Laughter yoga sessions lift the atmosphere in this Penryn office. Credit: ITV West Country