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Landslide demolishes wooden huts on popular beach

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In just a matter of seconds, a landslide has demolished a number of beach huts on a beach near Newquay in Cornwall.

Locals say it's incredibly lucky no one was hurt after tonnes of rock fell on Lusty Glaze Beach, which in the summer would have been packed with holidaymakers.

We were just on our way home and we just heard a rumble and so we just walked over to the edge to have a look and you just saw loads of rocks falling down on top of the beach huts and loads of dust and it was quite a scary moment.

– Newquay resident Laura Smith

Today the clear up operation was getting underway with pieces of the broken beach huts being tossed on the bonfire.

In a statement, the owners of the beach told ITV News West Country that most of the huts damaged were just used for storage and that everything down at the site is open as normal.