Are pop-up libraries the solution?

Plymouth City council insists shutting five libraries and replacing them with a so called 'pop-up' version is working and was the right thing to do.

It's been six months since councillors took the decision.

Stoke Library is one of five Plymouth libraries which closed for good last year, as part of the council's drive to modernise services. People in the neighbourhood will have to wait till Fridays before they get access to a library now - when the new pop up service drops in to the local Christian Centre.

The council claims this move has been a huge success, allowing them to sell off buildings which were not being used enough and take the library service out into the community.

There is still a library in Stoke - but only on Fridays Credit: ITV West Country
The pop-up library bookshelves are on wheels to allow for easy movement. Credit: ITV West Country

Opponents in the Labour Party disagree, accusing their Tory rivals of attempting to run down the city.

The council is in fact about to announce a quarter of a million pound investment in St Budeaux library, while Devonport and Crownhill have also recently undergone makeovers.