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Asthma sufferer 'made worse' by damp council house

Emma Burbury says she has to use her nebuliser much more because her asthma is so much worse. Credit: ITV West Country

A woman with asthma says living in her severely damp council house is affecting her health.

Tenant Emma Burbury says she’s been asking Cornwall Council for help for two years, but no action has been taken.

Emma has chronic asthma which she says has worsened since moving to the rented property in Tideford near Saltash.

Emma Burbury's house in Tideford is full of mould. Credit: ITV West Country

The bathroom and bedroom ceilings are covered in black mould.

Emma says she’s tried cleaning the walls, venting the house, using extractors and keeping the heating on, but nothing has stopped the damp from spreading.

Emma says the mould just keeps coming back, no matter what she does. Credit: ITV West Country

We’ve tried in every room to get rid of the mould but it just comes back and in the bathroom it doesn’t even come off, it’s just a nightmare. I have to have a nebuliser four times a day because my asthma in the last year has got much worse than it was before.

– Emma Burbury, Cornwall Council tenant
Cornwall Council says it is going to deal with the problem. Credit: ITV West Country

There is hope that the problem will be resolved. Cornwall Council has told ITV News that repair work is due to begin next week.

When a tenant alerts us to a problem we will send out inspectors to identify the issue and determine what action needs to be taken.

Cornwall Housing will then work with the tenant to carry out the work. In this case, we can confirm we are in touch with the tenant and the repair work will take place next week.

– Cornwall Council spokesperson