Hello mum! Baby wallabies make an appearance

Keepers at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Somerset have had their first glimpse of no less than four baby wallabies.

The zoo has a troupe of four female and on unrelated male Bennet Wallabies.

Last year Wendy the Wallaby gave birth to Brenda. This year the keepers were particularly delighted to see a head appear from Brenda’s pouch making Wendy a grandmother. They have seen tiny pink heads poking out from all four of the female wallabies’ pouches.

Keepers believe the tiny Joeys could be as much as six months old. Credit: Katie Grant/Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Joeys can spend up to a year in their mother’s pouch. As they grow they will venture out for short periods of time before heading back to the safety of mum. Staff at Noah's Ark estimate the young Joeys to be approximately half way through their pouch life.