Brother flies out to Florida after family killed in crash

Adam Stephenson, his wife Maryanne, who were from Hanham, and his parents Bryan and Sherry from Coalpit Heath had spent the day at the Kennedy Space centre in Florida. 30-year-old Adam was behind the wheel of the family's rental car when it was hit by a pick-up truck on Monday 2 April. All four family members died at the scene.

The scene of the crash in Titusville, Florida. Credit: WFTV 9 News

Investigators in the city of Titusville are still trying to figure out what happened in the moments leading up to the deadly collision.

Titusville Police Department Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson said officers believe the family were attempting to navigate back to their rented holiday home in Davenport.

He said their SatNav showed they were on their way back to the property and had been re-routed due to an earlier collision.

The pick-up truck and rental car involved in the crash. Credit: WFTV 9 News

The driver of the pick-up was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The deaths have shocked the community back home in the Bristol area. Many have paid tribute to the family on Facebook.

Bryan and Sherry's other son was also on holiday with the family but had not gone to the Kennedy Space Centre. Now one of Bryan's brothers has flown to the States to be at his side.